Sports Performance

With an extensive background in sports, we strive to assist elite athletes to weekend warriors and individuals who participate on a recreational basis.

Talent Identification

Most sports host a complimentary blend of genetics and training. As we are aware, successful athletes have a strong genetic component suited to their sport that they hone with hours of hard scientifically based training.

We work with many young athletes whereby we design a testing protocol to assess both their genetic strengths and well as training disposition in order to ascertain which sporting traits they possess.


Our assessment process in a 2 tiered approach whereby we identify assessment parameters that are valid to the needs of the athlete before conducting the assessment protocol. Identifying these parameters is done with the athlete to ensure that we obtain the most valid and accurate data for setting the training program

Assessment parameters include but are not limited to

  • cardiovascular aerobic capacity

  • cardiovascular anaerobic capacity

  • core strength and max strength

  • strength endurance

  • explosive power

  • reaction time

  • limb length

  • body composition

  • agility

  • ball coordination

  • temperament


Once we have identified the strengths and weaknesses of the individual, we compile a scientifically designed training program specific to their needs.

Training sessions are either done on a one-on-one, group or remote basis depending on the athletes needs.

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