Maintenance Exercise Classes


Using a system of controlled exercises mainly using the weight of your own body against gravity, the goal is to strengthen the abdominal muscle’s that support the spine, create longer, leaner muscles, and increase core strength. This results in better balance, and improved strength, flexibility in mind and body.
Core strengthening can be beneficial for all ages, fitness levels and body conditions.

The exercises in this class are preformed using a mat, which are provided.
We also use specific apparatus, where the varied weight of several springs helps mitigate the effects of gravity. The springs can be used to increase or decrease the challenge of work or even to work a completely different set of muscles. Adding an apparatus workout to mat classes will allow for more variety in your exercise program, as well as increasing the level of toning and conditioning of specific muscle groups.


Specifically designed for patients with cardiac disease, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, our cardiac rehabilitation program caters for groups up to 6 patients.

Supervised by a Biokineticist, our cardiac program takes place in a controlled environment where heart rate is closely monitored during each session.
Prior to starting the program, a stress ECG is conducted on each patient to establish exercise capacity following which an individual program is prescribed.
Our Diabetic and Weight Loss programs are aimed specifically at patients who need to manage their insulin levels through supervised cardiovascular exercise. The sessions aim to work within your capacity so that the correct workload is achieved to decrease both blood sugar levels sustainably and reduce body fat.
Our programs are all heart rate monitored and are supervised by a Biokineticist. Both weight and blood sugar is checked on a regular basis to ensure progression.
All programs include an initial assessment and goal setting session.


Our group training sessions combine a balance of strength and cardiovascular exercises and mainly take place in our outdoor area.
The strength exercises aim to increase muscle mass and strength, and tone overall muscle composition resulting in significant functional improvements. The strength training consists of various callisthenic exercises, which uses one’s body weight as the resistance such as squats, push- ups and lunges. The cardiovascular aspects focus on improving cardiovascular fitness and exercise tolerance, reducing body weight and improving general physiological functions in the body. 
The classes run Monday-Saturday and are approximately 45 minutes long. The combination presents participants with a challenge to push themselves and gain the maximal benefit out of the program in order to enjoy a healthy body. 


Our walking group is aimed at people who are looking to walk at a moderate to brisk pace in a safe, friendly group environment. The group is led by one of our Biokineticists who will include stretching before and after the walk. Distance wise, the walks will vary depending on the level of the group. Everyone is welcome!


Back and joint pain results in functional disability and interferes with one’s quality of life.
Our back and joint care classes consist of low impact exercises that are aimed at improving joint stabilisation, increasing muscle strength, flexibility and endurance as well as focusing on improving functional movement and overall posture.
The classes will be supervised by a Biokineticist who will ensure correct technique and posture while ensuring the correct muscles are engaged throughout the various exercises.

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