Child Biokinetics

Child Biokinetics is a branch of Biokinetics that focuses on the neuromotor and developmental side of movement in children.

There are 3 main branches when it comes to exercise rehabilitation in children:

  1. Postural development (eg. scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis)

  2. Milestone development

  3. Neurological conditions (eg. cerebral palsy, autism etc.)

Many postural problems tend to manifest themselves at a young age and can become increasingly difficult to rectify the older one gets. 

Once adolescents have matured skeletally (around the age of 16), their skeletal posture is mostly set for life. By using supervised correction of movement techniques, many postural problems can be managed during childhood.

The role of exercise and play is paramount in augmenting a child's development and ability to tackle tasks and conduct activities of daily living with ease.

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